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The Link Between Lifestyle Choices and Male Fertility

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Parenthood is an emotionally challenging yet enjoyable journey. However, several couples across the globe are not able to enjoy this happiness. And if you’re one of them, just understand that you are not alone. Understanding the hindrances that can be an underlying problem in your pregnancy is important. Male infertility is quite common and can be caused by several factors, like hormones, genetics, health and lifestyle, and much more.
Yes, you heard it right. Several studies across the globe have suggested the positive impact of a healthy lifestyle on improving male fertility. So, if you’re curious to understand how your diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices can be crucial factors affecting your sperm and fertility, then please continue reading the blog.

Diet and Fertility

A healthy diet is important for everything, including your overall well-being as well as your sperm count. This means you should always be aware of what you’re eating and how it is impacting your fertility. Research suggests the benefits of including food items like fish, fruits, vegetables, walnuts, and much more in improving male fertility. On the other hand, consumption of too much processed meat, trans fat, soy products, or bisphenol can take a negative toll on your sperm health.

Alcohol consumption and Infertility

We have often heard people say that women should cut their alcohol consumption when pregnant. However, is it the same for males? Does alcohol consumption negatively affect male fertility or infertility?
Based on the results of several studies, it is safe to say that occasional alcohol consumption might be fine; however, daily consumption can badly impact male infertility. Male infertility is related to the sperm’s quality and quantity. And regular consumption of alcohol can lower semen volume, sperm concentration, and morphology. It also reduces progressive motility.
So, we always suggest that you keep your alcohol intake in check.

Exercise and Male Fertility

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, we cannot ignore talking about the importance of regular exercise. Proper exercise helps your body stay fit and healthy, helping to cut down on stress levels while also improving male fertility.
On the other hand, an obese or unhealthy lifestyle can decrease your sperm quality. However, you should always make sure to follow a good exercise regime and not rigorous schedules. As the same can also be harmful to maintaining your sperm density or motility.
Yoga, cardiovascular routines, or weight resistance exercises are shown to be healthy for enhancing your overall lifestyle as well as male fertility.
We have often heard that stress can be an underlying cause for a bunch of health problems. However, you may not be aware that stress is unhealthy for men’s fertility as well. Although research has not been able to give a concrete extent of how harmful stress is for fertility, it surely points out the inverse relationship between more stress and semen health.
Psychological stress can not only reduce your testosterone but also lessen your sperm count and motility.
So, make sure to follow a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude and perspective. Your positive mindset can surely be helpful in reducing your anxiety and stress and helping you live a healthy life.
Drugs are of several types, and each drug has its own distinct offerings and side effects. Psychoactive drugs or several supplemental drugs can sometimes reduce your testosterone count.
The impact of drugs on male fertility depends highly on the quantity of your drug consumption and the period of time you’ve been using them.
Wrapping Up
Now you know how a variety of health factors and lifestyle choices are linked with male fertility. Male sperm takes some time to mature, meaning you can easily improve your fertility and sperm health with simple and positive lifestyle changes. For example, following a proper diet and exercise routine, taking healthy vitamins, and keeping your alcohol and drug consumption in check can really help.
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