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25 Years Of Experience in IVF CARE

Dr. Biplab Deb- Best IVF Doctor In Kolkata
Dr. Biplab Deb- Best IVF Doctor In Kolkata
MBBS, MD, DNB, FNB(Rep Med)MNAMS, DMAS, FMAS, FICMCH, Consultant Gynaecologist,Infertility Specialist & Laparoscopic Surgeon

18 Years Of Experience in IVF CARE

Dr Biplab is a renowned IVF doctor in Kolkata, offering quality infertility treatment for those facing conceiving issues and wanting to build their family. As a leading fertility specialist, he is dedicated to offering thorough and kind care so that you can realize your dream of becoming a parent. He operates an IVF service in Kolkata, ensuring complete treatment with the help of trained embryologists, nurses, and fertility specialists.
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Fertility Solutions

IVF Care

Leading Fertility Doctors, More Than 5000 Babies Have Been Born Through Fertility Treatments At AIIH.

IVF Care

High Success

Our expertise and dedication to lab operations.Enable us to achieve some of the highest IVF success rate in Eastern India.

High Success

Medical Checkup

Under the expert supervision of Dr. Biplab, In our laboratory, You pass wide a range of the tests that allows us to n diagnosis tests.

Medical Checkup

Emergency Care

Under the care of Dr. Biplab, We offer several services helps with yours serious condition patient services.

Emergency Care

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IVF Procedures Led by Dr. Biplab



You will consult with Dr Biplab, the best IVF doctor in Kolkata. At this session, he will thoroughly review your medical history, run the required tests, and review your fertility objectives.
Personalized Treatment Plan

Personalized Treatment Plan

In accordance with the evaluation, you will get a customized infertility treatment that considers your requirements and environmental factors.
Continuous Support

Continuous Support

Throughout your treatment, you will receive complete support and update about the complete fertility treatment process.


Treatments Offered By Dr. Biplab

IVF Treatment


IVF is a simple and easy technique through which female egg cells (known as the ovum or ova) are driven out of the body...

IUI Treatment


IUI stands for Intrauterine Insemination. Some may even refer to it as Artificial Insemination. IUI is a simple and painless procedure...

ICSI Treatment


One of the ways to assist the reproduction procedure is the Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). In this process...


What Our Patients Say!

Dr.Biplab Deb is incredible.He is the God for us.I have been suffering from pcod for 6years and had 3 miscarriages,and also had a difficulty for having a baby..I have gone through IVF under Dr Biplab Deb,and gladly want to tell that In first IVF attempt I have conceived and now I am a mother of a little baby girl.

Debankana Choudhary

We are thankful to dr.debasis bhattacharyya and dr.biplab Deb for treating me successfully to achieve my dream pregnancy.we are really happy to get this service right at Raniganj Nursing Home. I like to request people at Raniganj and near by area to avail infertility and laparoscopy service offered by dr.biplab Deb and team..

Shantanu Thakur

One of the best gynecologist sir doctor Biplab deb.wonderful behaviour,and good human being and stuffs are also responsive.we are very much happy. thanks sir and his entire AIIH team.

Monalisa Saha
Mostly Asked Pregnancy-Related Queries
Having Questions about Pregnancy? Let’s Clear Your Doubts
Mostly Asked Pregnancy-Related Queries
We are using state-of-the-art IVF treatments to create hope as we set out to fulfill the hopes of thousands of couples in Eastern India. Our goal is to deliver the best medical care with cuttingedge technology accuracy, and compassion. Here, every move is guided by evidence, experience, and fresh starts are fostered with steadfast commitment and top-notch treatment.
1. I am planning for pregnancy. What do I need to do to have a safe pregnancy journey?
You should start a safe pregnancy journey by optimizing your health. For that, you should intake vitamins with folic acid, and adopt a balanced diet to build up a healthy pregnancy. Also, for great physical strength, you should exercise regularly, and avoid alcohol and smoking.Consult with an expert to undergo a few test to know about your physical state which is ready to take care of pregnancy.
2. Now I am pregnant. What do I need to do to have a healthy baby?
You can have a healthy baby by optimising your health through supervised care from an expert,such as taking a wholesome diet, along with regular vitamins, staying hydrated, and low to moderate regular exercise. Stress management during pregnancy is highly necessary to get a healthy baby. Also, educate yourself on childbirth and parenting for a happy and healthy pregnancy.
3. We have been trying for a couple of years but unable to conceive. What should we do?
In such cases, seeking professional guidance from an expert is the utmost necessity. You should get thorough assessments to explore potential factors affecting fertility. You should also get necessary treatment with reproductive technologies, and discuss personalized options to enhance the chances of conception.
4. How much important is it to undergo laparoscopy/hysteroscopy to evaluate infertility?
Laparoscopy/hysteroscopy is crucial in assessing fertility related problem. These minimally invasive procedures help to identify and address issues affecting fertility and provide valuable insights. Therefore, they aid in personalized treatment plans for couples facing challenges in achieving pregnancy.
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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions
When can I expect to get pregnant?
Both of you will be subjected to basic investigations first. Accordingly, you will be offered treatment. Each treatment option has a substantial percentage of success.
Are there any side effects of IVf procedure?
Side effects are mostly minor and infrequent. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is potentially life-threatening if it is not anticipated early and managed accordingly.
I am a working lady, can opt for surrogacy?
Surrogacy should be offered to you by your reproductive health specialist on definite medical-surgical ground.
How many embryos are usually given?
Mostly 3 embryos are given in case of day 3 embryo transfer. Ans:- It all depends on institutional policy or clinician’ preference Nowadays single good quality blastocyst (day 5 embryo) transfer is being preferred to reduce the incidence of multifetal pregnancy.
Is there any chance of mismatch of my embryos?
It is extremely rare as verification of personal id is taken into consideration several times during the process.
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