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Can diabetes cause infertility in males?

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Individuals struggling with diabetic conditions can understand that the health condition comes with a bunch of other problems. According to research, diabetes can also affect male fertility. You may ask how. Well, the increased glucose levels in the blood lead to several conditions leading to male infertility.
However, one must understand that there are several types of diabetes, and some of them, including type 2 diabetes, can be prevented. Thus, you don’t need to stress over it; instead, with a good diet and healthy lifestyle changes, it is possible to prevent diabetes and its leading cause of male infertility.
Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how diabetes affects male fertility, what you should watch out for, and if it can be prevented.

Blood Sugar and Male Fertility

When your bloodstream is not able to manage the amount of glucose needed by your cells, it leads to a condition called hyperglaecemia, also known as high blood sugar. This excessive amount of glucose is harmful to blood vessels and nerves, causing them long-term damage. This damage ultimately reduces your nerve’s ability to send signals and control major functions like sexual performance, digestion, and more.
This showcases the importance of controlling sugar levels to ensure sexual function. Improper management of glucose levels can cause conditions like erectile dysfunction and more.

Diabetes and Male Infertility

To see how diabetes affects men’s ability to get pregnant, research was conducted. This research showcased how 51% of the population with diabetes struggles with reduced reproductive abilities. This data alone is enough to showcase how important it is to control your diabetic levels. Also, early diagnosis can be helpful in easing the complications associated with it.

How Diabetes Impacts Men’s Sexual Health

As mentioned earlier, diabetes can severely impact your reproductive health. But how? Let us understand. Having diabetes means you can have several problems. These include:

Diabetes and Related Male Infertility Problems

Diabetes can lead to several male infertility-related concerns. Here are some of them:
Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction is a body condition where you aren’t able to get an erection or maintain it for a long time. Based on research, 75% of men with diabetes are likely to have ED experience. This can happen because of hyperglycemia.
Hyperglycemia can sometimes damage blood vessels or nerves. This can lead to changes in arousal, causing erectile dysfunction.
In addition to hyperglycemia, other associated concerns with diabetes, like increased sugar, cholesterol, and more, can also be potential causes of erectile dysfunction.
Ejaculation Problems
It’s not just erectile dysfunction that can be a leading concern related to diabetes. Instead, diabetic conditions are also associated with ejaculation problems. Sometimes diabetes is related to retrograde ejaculation. Here, instead of coming out, the semen goes back to the body. This can cause infertility and reduce your semen quantity and quality.
Lower sexual drive
People who struggle with diabetes suffer from conditions like fatigue, stress, and more. These conditions, when combined, can lower your sexual drive and be a cause of infertility in the long run.
Additionally, individuals with type 2 diabetes also struggle with reduced testosterone levels.
Research has also found that individuals with type 2 diseases also suffer from hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a condition where your testosterone levels are not enough. However, there has been no solid evidence to prove the relationship between the two. But the common concerns associated with diabetes, like obesity and more, are also related to hypogonadism.
Considering how diabetes can have a severe impact on sexual drive and infertility, following ways to prevent the condition can be a smart decision. Here are some ways to prevent severe diabetic conditions and improve your quality of life.
Wrapping Up
Diabetes itself can be a serious concern. Plus, as discussed in this article, it comes with a bunch of other health conditions like obesity, fatigue, and even infertility in men. Thus, it is important to be careful of your health. And do all the preventive measures you can to improve your quality of life.
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