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Fertility Beyond Stereotypes: Men’s Role in Conception

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Wanting to start a family? Well, if you and your partner are ready for the child, then why not? Starting a family and enjoying the journey and rolled-coaster ride of parenthood is a dream to many. However, once you start thinking about being a parent, it is important to keep yourself aware of all the things to do and prevention measures that can really help you in your journey to conceive.
There are several factors affecting fertility and pregnancy. This includes hormones, age, lifestyle, and much more. And however, generally, people may believe that these factors and pregnancy are all about women. But in reality, that isn’t the case. Parenthood is about two people, with equal roles in conception. Yes, you heard it right.
Males also play a crucial role in conception, starting from the sex of the baby to its health. Continue reading this blog to understand how conception goes beyond stereotypes and has a lot to do with male partners.

Healthy Sperm and Fertility

Pregnancy is when a sperm is able to fertilise the egg. However, it is very important to ensure healthy sperm. Healthy sperm not only enhances your conceiving chances but also plays a crucial role in a baby’s health.
Only a healthy sperm will efficiently manage to navigate through a female’s mucus, enter the fallopian tube, and fertilise the egg.
To ensure your sperm’s health, you may follow several measures. Following a good diet and lifestyle while keeping your sperm cool are the most effective ways to improve sperm health.

What to Adapt and What to Ignore

Preconception health is important for women and men. You need to understand that anything that impacts your health may impact the baby’s health too. This makes it important for men to be careful of their health. And it also calls for them to improve their lifestyle choices, which can positively impact their fertility. For example, the role of a good diet and exercise cannot be undervalued in improving your sperm’s health and motility. Alternatively, if you’re overweight or obese, your sperm health can be reduced.
Similarly, men should avoid excessive alcohol consumption or smoking to improve their fertility. Excessive consumption can lower sperm quality and density.
Furthermore, you should also ignore excessive reliance on drugs. Some legal and illegal drugs may reduce your reproductive health when taken for longer periods of time. So, it is always suggested to see a doctor before taking any medication.

Avoid Overdoing Things

We have often heard that too much of anything isn’t any good. Be it exercise or medication, avoid overdoing it. For example, follow some cardiovascular exercises as well as weight training to improve your male fertility. Alternatively, too much vigorous exercise can negatively impact your testosterone and semen’s health.
And as mentioned earlier, long-term drugs and medications can also impact your conception and reproductive health.
The Biological Factor
We already know that age plays a crucial role in conception. A lot of people, however, may not know that it’s not just women’s age that matters. A male’s age is equally important.
At a certain age, you may start facing reproductive difficulties. However, there is no concrete research on the extent of the difficulties.
Preconception Health
According to several studies, about 50% of infertility cases occur because of male issues, which may be related to their reproductive health, infertility, or something else. So, it is advised to get a check-up done.
Your preconception health is important for conceiving a healthy baby. You must consult your doctor to understand the tests needed, if there is a need for any medication, and other procedures.
Pregnancy is a dream for many couples. And it is important for women and men to be fit and healthy before trying to be pregnant. Their health is the most crucial factor in conception and a baby’s wellness. Men can try improving their fertility with several simple lifestyle changes, like a healthy diet, meditation for stress relief, avoiding excessive alcohol and smoking, exercising, and more.
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