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Supporting Your Partner Through Male Infertility Challenges

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Becoming pregnant and enjoying parenthood is a dream for many couples. However, parenthood does not always come easy to everyone and a lot of couples face infertility problems. Male infertility is a common problem. According to general surgery, around 40% of men suffer from infertility. This big yet common problem requires couples to talk and support each other. It can be super frustrating for men alone to struggle with fertility issues. The problem itself comes with a lot of shame and anguish. Further, they also feel disappointed with themselves and their capabilities to satisfy their partner.
All the mental and physical anger coming from male infertility makes it crucial to support your partner emotionally, and psychologically to ensure they don’t feel any shame about the issue. Being positive and approaching the issue together can really help the couple save their married life and quality of life. Continue reading this blog where we talk of several ways to support your partner with infertility challenges.

Communication is the Key

Societal norms and embarrassment related to infertility can stop your partner from talking about their infertility challenges. This lack of communication can lead to suppressed anger and emotions causing anxiety and stress. To prevent all of these, it is important to openly communicate with your partner. Have conversations with your partner allowing them to speak their heart out.
Also, don’t always try to give suggestions and solutions. Instead, acknowledge and validate their problems. Make them feel heard to make them feel at ease.

Educate, Educate, Educate

Male infertility obviously takes a toll on men’s mental health. However, the bigger picture also means how the couple is going to have a problem conceiving. Thus, both parties involved will be affected. This makes it very important to educate yourself around the term “male infertility.” Also, keep yourself aware and educated on the subject. By thoroughly educating yourself on this subject you can showcase your partner how you truly support and care for them.
Understand the problem, the science, and much more. A thorough understanding of these things will also help you and your partner follow a healthy approach to overcome the problem. And to form new ways to optimise your reproductive journey.

Be Patient

As mentioned earlier, infertility leads to a lot of stress and anger. And this may take a negative toll on a couple’s relationship. Thus, both partners involved in the relationship need to stay calm and patient. Try openly communicating with the partner that this is emotionally challenging to you. And sometimes, it may make you short-tempered. Make sure to remind them that you love them.
It is important for couples to try not to say anything hurtful during these times. You may walk away or take a short break if needed.
Try setting a course of action for both of you—encourage and motivate each other.
Don’t be harsh on your partner.
Follow a Healthy Lifestyle
To conceive is not a one-person job. Rather, it involves both partners being physically and mentally ready. Given that, you must motivate your partner to try to inculcate changes in their lifestyle. This significantly improves their chances of doing better.
For example, if your partner is advised to cut down on excessive alcohol consumption, you may join him in the journey. And both of you can find suitable, healthy alternatives.
Similarly, together, you may follow a holistic approach to your diet. Try encouraging your partner to eat healthy, and you may also follow the same diet. Further, you may exercise together and even take fertility supplements together.
Schedule Couple’s Medical Apointments
Scheduling a couple medical appointments can not only help you understand the problem but also tackle it wisely after consulting with your partner. The medical appointments where your partner joins you can also help boost your morale. Going together can make it easier for both of you to come to a conclusion. Also, it means both individuals are aware and informed of all big decisions.
Try supporting your partner when they are being diagnosed. Once you make it easy for each other to talk and lean on, the chances of a healthy relationship and conception increase.
We understand that every individual is different, and so there is no one approach that can significantly help you encourage your partner. However, you know them the best, so reflect and analyse what may help your partner and relationship feel better. Do not let negativity pent up; instead, try approaching things with a positive mindset.
To make your partner feel better, you may plan spontaneous plans like trips and holidays where you showcase your care for them. Make them feel excited and not burdened. Also, you guys can plan infertility treatment after considering your choices and options.
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