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The Surrogacy Treatment Process Explained: A Comprehensive Guide

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Intended parents seize an extraordinary opportunity through surrogacy to welcome a child into their family, especially when conception or carrying a pregnancy is not possible. However, entering a surrogacy involves many intricate steps.

This article aims to furnish a comprehensive overview of the surrogacy treatment process, equipping intended parents with the necessary insights to navigate and anticipate the journey ahead.

Finding a Reputable Hospital

The first step is identifying a skilled and reputable fertility clinic for your surrogacy treatment in Kolkata or whichever city you reside in. Clinics should have high success rates, experienced specialists, and stellar services to support you through every phase. Conduct research to find clinics that align with your needs and expectations.

Look for hospitals that have extensive experience in surrogacy and provide individualized guidance. Do they also screen and match intended parents with healthy, emotionally stable surrogates to find an ideal pairing.

Medical Evaluation and Preparation

You and your accomplice (if applicable) will go through clinical assessments to assess fertility survey of overall well-being. Given the outcomes, your doctor will recognize any issues to address and suggest a modified treatment plan.

In the realm of surrogacy, the doctor’s imperative involves a thorough evaluation of the surrogate’s health to ascertain her capability in safely nurturing the pregnancy to term. Your clinic will coordinate all screening and prep for the surrogate as well.

IVF Treatment and Embryo Transfer

Right after being given a go-ahead you and your partner will begin with IVF treatment. This involves ovulation induction, egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo culture. Viable embryos are cultivated until ready for transfer into the gestational carrier.

The surrogate will prepare her uterus by synchronizing her cycle with the embryo transfer. This maximizes the chances of successful implantation. Your fertility specialist will then transfer one or more quality embryos into the surrogate’s uterus.